Acceptable Content

Before submitting to GL Stock Images, make sure your images meet our acceptable content criteria and that you have
the proper rights to the subject depicted in the image, whether vector or photograph.

Acceptable Content Includes

  • Isolated objects
  • Vector and raster illustrations
  • Creative conceptual images
  • Business themed image concepts
  • Animals and wildlife
  • Macro images
  • 3D images
  • Food and cooking images
  • Nature and scenics
  • Alphabets and icons 

Limited Content (Low Acceptance)

  • Abstract backgrounds and textures - Brick, grunge, wood, and seamless patterns
  • Raster illustrations - Fractals, abstracts, and word collages 
  • Travel and tourism - Churches, castles, temples, and statues
  • Building construction - Cranes and scaffolding
  • Communications - Power lines, telephone poles, and cell towers
  • Shipping industry - Machinery, ports, containers, ships, and docks
  • Generic landscapes - Rivers, forests, mountains, and fields
  • Panoramas - Cityscapes and landscapes
  • Country flags, maps and globes
  • Web Icons, buttons and templates
  • Public domain images that are scanned, photographed or vectorized
  • Calendars - Individual months

Restricted Content (Do Not Submit)

  • Editorial images (We do not offer this license)
  • Travel and tourism images that feature interiors and exteriors of hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes and retail businesses
  • Images with sample text, your text here, lorem ipsum, or any reference to the placement of text
  • Images that use real web domains or trademarked phrases such as "Go Green"
  • Individual icons or simple silhouettes (Must be sold in a set)
  • Credit card designs that do not start with 0000 as the first four digits of credit card number
  • Full flat depictions of currency from any country
  • Most postage stamps from any country
  • Any representation of Queen Elizabeth II whether it be currency, coins, flags, or stamps
  • Images that infringe on the intellectual property rights of a third party or contain brand names, logos or trademarks
  • See a list of restricted image content

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