Seller Information

Below is some helpful information about selling images on GLStock. If you can't find the answer
to your question, please message us and we will be glad to help you.

Daily Upload Limit and Approval Rating

  • Daily Upload Limits are determined by your approval rating and GL Reviewer's rating.
  • You can submit your upload limit every 24 hours.
  • Images that exceed your limit will not be imported.
  • Limits can increase or decrease as approval rating changes.
  • Uploading suspension will occur if submissions consistently fail to meet quality standards or proper file requirements.

Image Pricing & Licensing

  • The Default Import Price sets pricing for all your uploaded images. 
  • We offer nine price categories: $1, $3, $5, $7, $10, $15, $20, $25, and $30.
  • Individual images may be edited to be priced higher or lower.
  • The Default Licenses option sets the licensing for your all your images. Choose to offer one, two or all three licenses.
  • We offer three licenses: Standard, Merchandise and Ultimate.
  • Individual images may be edited to offer one or more licenses. 

Additional Image Sizes & Pricing

  • All JPEGs will be offered in three sizes: large, medium and small.
  • Large is the size of your original submission.
  • Medium is sized to 1400 px on the long side.
  • Small is sized to 700 px on the long side.
  • Pricing for small and medium images is based on the value of the original (large) image and cannot be changed.

On-Site and FTP Uploading Options

  • The on-site image uploader offers fast, multiple file uploading.
  • FTP login and password are provided in your Uploads section.
  • Both importers support IPTC metadata.

Upload History and File Status

  • Upload History provides file details for each import session.
  • Import status tells you if the image imported or failed.
  • Images may fail to import because the file size is too small, too large or image exceeds daily upload limit.

Imported Images

  • Images with IPTC metadata will import directly to Pending.
  • Images missing titles, descriptions and keywords will import to Unfinished. Images must be edited and submitted for review.
  • Unfinished images will be deleted after 30 days.

Model Releases (GL Personalities Sellers)

  • A release must be provided for each recognizable person.
  • Releases must be legible and protect GL as an agency.
  • Submit releases using the Release Uploader located in the Upload section of your Dashboard or by placing them in the Releases Folder if using FTP.
  • All releases must be in JPEG or PDF format.

 Portfolio/Review Areas

  • Pending - Images that are ready to be reviewed.
  • Unfinished - Images that need additional editing.
  • Rejected - Images that were not accepted.
  • Deleted - Images you removed from your portfolio.  
  • Releases - Provides a list of all imported model releases.
  • GLC, GLP Filters - Displays your images that are in these collections.

Editing/Removing Images

  • Rollover an image in your portfolio and click the edit button.
  • Change the image price or licence options from the dropdown menus and then click submit to update.
  • Edit titles, descriptions or keywords and click sumbit to update an already approved image or to submit to pending for review. 
  • To remove an image from your portfolio, click the delete button. The image will be removed from search and will be moved to your deleted area.

Commissions and Payouts

  • All Sellers earn a flat commission rate of 40%.
  • Payouts are available when you reach $50 in earnings.
  • The "Request Payout" button will appear when you are eligible to receive a payout.
  • Payouts are processed within 15 days of the request date. 
  • You must have a registered PayPal or Moneybookers account.
  • Payments are paid in US currency.

Refunds and Chargebacks

  • A refund will only be offered to buyers if the image purchased is corrupt, poor quality or the download was not the correct image.
  • Chargebacks will be assessed on the rare occasion of credit card fraud. GL takes preventive measures to prohibit fraud. 

Request to Close Account

  • You may request to close your account after 30 days.
  • Earnings of less than $50 at the time of closing will be forfeited.
  • Images will be removed within 5 business days of request.
  • Account access will be locked and membership terminated.

Inactive and Zero Performing Accounts

  • Inactive Sellers that have not uploaded or logged in within a 12 month period or Sellers with zero performing accounts (0 sales) within a 12 month period may be subject to termination.

Annual Review of Files

  • Throughout the year, GL will perform a review of each Seller's portfolio. Images will be reviewed for similarities, overall quality and commercial value.

File Formats: